01 August, 2023

What is a power flush and why is it important for your heating?

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Your central heating system works very hard to keep the house warm and give it instant access to plenty of hot water. It is a tough and robust machine; a domestic workhorse, which is capable of operating under a great deal of pressure. For this reason, it needs a little bit of love and care from time to time.

Part of this care is regular servicing, as annual inspections ensure that developing faults are identified before they become a major problem. In fact, getting your central heating serviced just twice per year can help you avoid costly breakdowns. You might also want to think about hiring a team of heating engineers in Suffolk to give the system a power flush.

This guide to the benefits of a professional power flush will explain why it is worth your time.

What is a power flush?

While the right kind of care can extend the life of radiators, the reality is that they naturally degrade in performance over time. The good news is that this process is lengthy and, even when a boiler reaches the end of its life, the radiators tend to have plenty left. Power flushing is one way to boost performance by clearing the insides of obstructive dirt, grime, and debris.

The power flush works in a very simple way and there are lots of reliable heating engineers in Suffolk who can carry it out. The engineer directs a mixture of fresh water and chemicals (designed to break down debris) through the radiator. It circulates and dislodges accumulations of iron oxide and other corrosive materials.

What are the benefits?

Power flushing is a valuable form of central heating maintenance because it directly affects heating performance. The cleaner the radiators and the fewer obstructions, the more hot water can be held in each one. It is, essentially, the same as bleeding radiators to remove air pockets, but on a more comprehensive scale.

If it takes longer to warm rooms than it did before or the radiators feel cooler than they should, a power flush is recommended. Keep in mind the fact that inefficient heaters are still using up your money. They’re contributing to your bills, but not giving you the output to match. So, getting them flushed will also help you save money.

When should I arrange a boiler service?

The great thing about a power flush is that you don’t need to disconnect the radiators from the boiler or any other components of the central heating system. It is a relatively simple process and causes minimal disruption. All you need to do is search for trusted heating engineers in Suffolk and find a provider which fits your needs.

Do be aware that, if you’re scheduled to have a new boiler fitted, the provider will likely advise a power flush as well. This is often necessary to make sure that older radiators are robust enough to keep up with a new system. If your radiators need to be bled more often, have developed minor leaks, or make clanking noises, do enquire about power flushing.

For more information and advice on how to care for your central heating, contact us or call 01473 487 387 to arrange a boiler installation, maintenance check, power flush, or home service.

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