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If you need to find a sustainable, affordable and reliable way to heat water throughout your home, solar thermal panels are a perfect solution. With our company based in the heart of Ipswich, our renewable energy system specialists have extensive experience in solar thermal installation in homes across Suffolk and Essex.

Turning to our cosmic neighbour, the Sun, for heat is about as natural as breathing, so why not use it to heat the water supply in your home? It can be better than relying on a boiler powered by gas, oil or electricity from the local grid. You could save money and reduce your carbon footprint! Call us today to find out more about the work of our trained solar thermal installers.

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Solar thermal systems specialise in absorbing solar radiation to heat water inside a hot water cylinder. They can be fitted on most buildings, from small bungalows to large commercial properties. You may have questions about the differences between solar thermal systems and ordinary solar panels, how they all work, where they need to be positioned, and more. Luckily, our highly trained and knowledgeable engineers have all the answers and can take the reins with the planning process for your solar thermal installation. The choice is all yours – call us, email us, fill out our callback form, or check our list of frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page!


Sustainably Heat Your Home

The infinitely renewable nature of solar energy makes it perfectly suited to a number of applications. In this case, water in a cylinder is kept heated via the energy stored in solar cells, which are designed to capture radiation from the Sun. With solar thermals active at all hours, hot water will always be ready to be pumped through the pipes and radiators of your property, giving you the warmth and comfort you need.


24/7 Hot Water

You may be sceptical about the long-term reliability of solar thermals – you don’t want to be deprived of hot water when you need it most. That’s not a problem solar thermal systems have to face, as they are able to absorb solar radiation at all times of day and in all weather conditions, meaning that lovely warm water will be available to use whenever you want to heat your home.


Save on Your Energy Bills

Switching to solar thermals can help you save money on heating bills and you will feel a financial burden lifted in no time at all. With energy prices on the rise with no sign of any reprieve, it makes sense to invest in technology that can minimise the amount you have to spend on heating water.

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Solar Thermal Installation


While our professional installers know the ins and outs of solar thermal fitting, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into when you make your bookings for this service. So, we’ve laid out a general overview of our process, from the initial consultation to our team’s departure from your property.

Think Smart

Why Rely On Smart Heating Solutions to Install Your

Solar Thermal Heaters?

For solar thermal installation, it’s important to work with a company you can rely on. That’s where we come in! With a proven track record for excellent solar thermal panel fitting, Smart Heating Solutions can handle the installation work on your property. Below, you can find just a few of the reasons why you should choose us for your renewable energy system needs.

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For a quick solar thermal booking process, look no further than our array of contact options which will bring you straight through to our support staff. You can contact us immediately with an email or phone call, or you can leave the details of your situation and requirements below in our callback form section, which we will follow up on as soon as possible.

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    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!

    The number of solar thermal panels or tubes that will be needed to provide fully-heated water to all the systems across your property will vary depending on a number of factors. The size of your overall property is important to consider, as well as your preferred type of solar thermal system – as said, we offer either flat panels or evacuated tubes for solar energy collection. Usually, only one or two flat panels will be necessary to heat your water supply. You may need up to 30 tubes for the same results if you go for that option.

    For all of our services, we offer coverage for the entirety of Suffolk and Essex, from the cities to the rural areas. When it comes to the topic of location, we are very flexible – we can also cover some southern parts of Norfolk, as well as other neighbouring counties. We have been providing solar thermal installation as well as our other heating and renewables services across these counties, with our experienced installers being very familiar with the local architecture and building regulations. Suffolk and Essex get some of the best weather in the country, so your solar systems will get more than their fill of delicious photons.

    Solar thermals use a similar principle to “normal” solar panels, utilising the Sun’s radiation to generate heat and electricity in a sustainable fashion. Solar thermals specialise in heating water for properties, rather than providing power to every system and appliance. For solar thermal tubes, energy absorbed from the solar radiation is converted to electricity to heat up the fluid transferred from the tubes to the hot water cylinder. This is a very condensed version of the highly complex technology that goes into solar panel design, but if you want a more technical explanation, our experts can give you the detailed answers you need.

    Yes, if you’re already set on investing in renewable energy systems for your home, buying solar thermal panels or tubes is a great place to start. All solar energy is highly sustainable and gives off low emissions, making it very environmentally friendly. With affordable installation rates, solar thermal systems will give you amazing water-heating results from the get-go. While that’s obviously great, we believe that the long-term, far-reaching effects of people converting to solar thermal energy are just as valuable as the smaller scale benefits, if not more so. It means that more people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints and slowly weaning themselves away from non-renewable fossil fuels, which can help to ensure that our planet remains habitable for future generations.

    Solar thermals may cost in the region of £3000-6000. As solar thermal installation is a complex process with many variables to consider, we can’t give absolutely certain estimates in a generic FAQ entry without consulting you on your individual requirements. Be that as it may, you can easily get in touch with our friendly team to get a much more accurate estimation for the price of our solar thermal service!