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For home and business owners aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, solar panel installation is a great first step towards sustainability. With years of combined experience and a crack team of certified professionals on hand 24/7, we can perform solar panel installations across Essex and Suffolk. As a family-run business, we’re also committed to great customer service and reducing our clients’ energy costs.

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While “heating” may be in our name, we give equal focus to providing Suffolk and Essex clients with smart, top-of-the-range renewable energy services, and solar energy is almost synonymous with sustainability. Whether you want them fitted on the roof of your home or commercial property, you’ll require the highest quality installation standards, and our certified professional installers always aim to meet your high expectations.


Reliable Power for Your Home

From their introduction as a groundbreaking new energy supply system harnessing radiation directly from the Sun, solar panels have certainly come a long way. For a while now, they have been recognised as an extremely reliable source of power for homes and businesses around the world.


Sustainably Sourced Solar Energy

Solar energy is almost infinitely renewable by nature and the systems that harness it produce almost no harmful emissions, especially compared to gas, oil, or coal-burning heating options. This makes solar panels a great investment for anyone concerned about reducing their environmental impact!


Many Financial Benefits

Your first impression of solar panels may be amazement at their sustainability and array of applications, but you may also wonder if they’re worth the price tag? Well, the amount of power solar panels generate is massive compared to their energy consumption, so they effectively start paying for themselves only a few years after the installation.

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Solar Panel Installation


Installing solar panels is a complex procedure that only a trained renewable energy system engineer can perform. The process involves several key steps, but we’re here to guide you through them one by one.

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The task of installing solar panels should be left to a trustworthy company that you know will get the job done right. Smart Heating Solutions have more than enough accreditations and experience to handle your solar panel installation, all with a friendly, customer-focused approach. Trusting us with your solar panel installation guarantees excellent results, expert advice, and complete satisfaction.

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Would you like to get in touch with our team about installing solar panels on your property for renewable, sustainably-sourced power? Of course you would! Use one of our array of contact options, including our callback form, email address or phone number, to speak to a friendly member of staff.

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    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!

    The installation of solar panels will take some time – anywhere from several days to a few weeks – a fair portion of which is spent on planning, preparation, and scaffolding construction before our engineers securely fasten the solar cells to your roof. The technical work of connecting the solar panels to your home’s electrical systems can also take a while, but the complexity of the whole project can vary depending on the type of solar panels we have to install and where we have to fit them. As such, we recommend freeing up several successive days in a week for appointments with our solar panel engineers, as this can make the process feel less drawn out.

    Solar panels are extremely efficient at generating electricity, though the exact amount depends on the model of panels used, their position on your roof and the amount of sunny weather you usually get in your area. Some can generate up to 6,000 kilowatt-hours per year, more than enough energy to sustainably power your household.

    Call our team if you want to compare the performance of different solar panel models and find the best deal for you before booking your installation. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have!

    As long as you have a solid roofing structure with adequate room for ventilation (as opposed to, say, a thatched roof), there will be a type of solar panel that will fit perfectly – it’s just a matter of selecting the most optimal ones!

    While solar panels may not work for thatched roofs, as said, they can be fitted onto flat-surfaced roofs made of a number of materials, including asphalt, tile, and steel. After a telephone or email consultation with our knowledgeable experts, our site survey of your property will be helpful in assessing the suitability of your roof to your solar panel selections, thereby narrowing down your options.

    Only slightly. When it comes to their durability, solar panels are tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. On the topic of how bad weather affects their ability to generate energy, solar panels can still operate efficiently when the skies are dark and cloudy, but naturally thrive most when exposed to direct sunlight. Solar radiation pervades throughout our atmosphere constantly and no amount of nimbus clouds can block it entirely. However, you won’t have to worry about your solar panels suddenly shorting out due to a drizzle of rain or a lack of sunlight.

    For our renewable installation services, including solar panels, we start our pricing at £150 per hour, plus VAT and travel time. For the solar panels themselves, they can cost as little as £400. Our baseline hourly rates will increase to £300 if you require our services past our usual working hours. The complexity of solar panel installation and a number of other varying factors can contribute to the pricing for this service, though we always keep you informed about these costs, as part of our dedication to honesty with our customers.