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Installing a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system in your home can save you on energy bills while also giving you up to quadruple the amount of electrical power! However you want to have your geothermal pumps installed, our specialist ground source heat pump installers can tailor them to meet both building standards and the specifications of your property.

Based in Ipswich, we offer coverage across Suffolk and Essex, with the added ability to provide our services to other closely neighbouring areas if necessary. For a safe and reliable ground source heat pump installation, there are no better people to call than our family-run, customer-focused heating and renewables company: Smart Heating Solutions!

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A Money-Saving Solution

Ground source heat pumps are able to extract heat from beneath the surface of the earth through a series of underground pipe structures. This geothermal energy is transferred to the water-based heating systems in your home. They’re a highly renewable yet low-carbon alternative solution to traditional fossil fuel-burning heating systems that will help to reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills. There are two main types of ground source heat pumps that we can provide for our customers:

Horizontal ground loop systems
Vertical borehole systems

Horizontal ground loop pipes are installed in trenches dug along the outskirts of your property, which is, overall, a cheaper and less intrusive process. However, for properties that lack the wide surface area required for horizontal group loop system installation, our vertical borehole systems may be the best option. For this, we drill straight downwards for that deep-seated Gaian heat.


Low Maintenance Costs

Ground source heat pumps are extremely low maintenance. They hardly ever need inspections or repairs, meaning that once they’re laid down beneath the soil in your property, you don’t have to pay them much mind outside of using them for heating your home whenever you want.


Save on Your Energy Bills

Making the switch to geothermal power can save you money on heating bills, futureproofing you and your property against rising cost-of-living concerns. With a large increase in electrical output with your new system, your overall savings will be very impressive.


Sustainably Heat Your Home

Extracting heat directly from the ground is a sustainable method of heating your home, as well as a great investment for saving money in the long run. Why not help the planet by drawing on a natural, renewable heat source rather than gases and oils that only cause harm to the environment and will take millions of years to replenish?

How We Work

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation


As our name suggests, we take a smart and sophisticated approach to installing ground heat systems. We like to keep our processes straightforward, which is why we’ve laid out the rough groundwork for how to approach most GSHP installations. Our flexible approach means that we can adapt to different property types with either horizontal trenches or vertical boreholes.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps?

The experienced, professional, and widely certified heating system specialists in the Smart Heating Systems roster have the expertise to handle the installation of ground source heat pumps across Suffolk, Essex and neighbouring parts of Norfolk.

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    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!

    In short, substantially less than most traditional heating systems like gas and oil boilers – installing GSHP systems can reduce your energy expenditure by up to 70% in comparison. Note, this is the figure you may arrive at in an absolute best case scenario, assuming your property already has low energy costs and has the ideal amount of space to make optimal use of the heating provided by the geothermal pumps. Even with all that in mind, the costs of running ground source heat pumps are very low. It certainly helps that they have minimal maintenance costs and can operate at all times of year.

    There are several segments to a ground source heat pump system. We’ve laid out a very abridged rundown of all the main components:

    • The ground loop, a series of underground pipes. This system can be installed horizontally along a network of shallow trenches or vertically down a borehole, depending on the suitability of your property.
    • The heat exchanger. After the heat is extracted through the fluid in the ground loop, the heat exchanger converts the heat to a refrigerant.
    • The central compressor pump, which raises the temperature and pressure of the heated refrigerant fluid in order to warm the building. 

    GSHP systems work best in areas with moderate climates where the ground temperature is consistent enough to be used for year-round heating. The ground temperature will rarely fluctuate much from the mean air temperature, meaning that underground areas may feel relatively warm during winter and cooler during the summer.

    Ground loop systems can be installed in one of two ways – either by drilling a deep borehole into the ground and piling the ground loop cables vertically, or by excavating shallower trenches horizontally along the ground at a near-surface level. This can happen over the course of a few days, though some more complex installations can take longer. The ground loop pipework is integrally connected to the overall GSHP system, which takes the heat energy gathered from the underground pipework and channels it into your home to enhance the core temperature.

    You may assume that ground source heat pumps are a bourgeois luxury for people with massive country estates. While GSHPs do require some substantial space and investment, there are many options available for individuals with more modest properties, so long as they have access to a suitable amount of ground space. This is where vertical borehole excavation comes in, as it takes up the minimum amount of land compared to the cheaper but more space-consuming horizontal trenches.

    If you’re unsure if your property has suitable access to the ground space needed to install any form of geothermal heating system as well as interior space for the central heat pump unit, call our team to arrange a thorough property survey. From there, we can give you our advice and recommendations for how to proceed.

    On average, ground source heat pump systems can cost anywhere between £10,000 to £30,000 to install, though it all heavily depends on your individual requirements, the size of the property, the conditions on site, and the type of ground loop installation that’s chosen.

    However, the costs of ground source heat pump installation are offset by a number of handy financial incentives – they require minimal maintenance and the government can provide Renewable Heat Incentives (RHIs)* to assist with the return on investment for homeowners making the switch to sustainable energy sources. As always, our helpful team are available for a free consultation to evaluate your specific needs and offer an accurate personalised quote for the cost of installing a GSHP system in your property.

    *Please note that, as of this writing, this government scheme is closed for new applicants, though it will likely reopen at some point.