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Thousands of people across the UK and the world are making the switch to sustainable electric-powered vehicles over petrol and diesel. However, charging stations can still be hard to come by, especially in rural areas, as most transportation and fuelling infrastructure throughout the country is still geared towards fuel-burning vehicles. The answer could be as simple as getting an EV charging point installed in the comfort of your garage (we won’t judge if it isn’t all that comfortable).

Contact us today to find out more about our home EV charging point installation services in Suffolk and Essex. Our team are always ready to help!

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Install EV Charging Points in Your Garage or Driveway

Although electric vehicles are a new technological innovation, we’ve adapted extremely quickly to our customers’ needs and have gained considerable expertise in the installation and maintenance of EV charging stations.

However, we understand that installing EV charge points can feel like an intimidating investment. If you’re thinking about purchasing an EV charging point in your home or business, Smart Heating Solutions provides transparent pricing and flexible payment options to make the buying process as smooth as possible.


Convenient Access to Power for Your EV

With a reliable and convenient power supply located right outside your front door, you’ll feel more secure when travelling around in your electric vehicle. Knowing that your car can be fully-loaded after a steady night of charging in your own driveway can give you peace of mind for the week ahead.


Eco-Friendly Electrical Energy

If you’ve already bought an electric vehicle, chances are you already have some concern for the environment and want to have a sustainable transportation option for your household. Our EV charging points provide a convenient way to power your sustainable car and facilitate your lifestyle!


Very Snazzy Looking

EV charging points are an increasingly fashionable home accessory for electric vehicle owners, giving any property a cool, modernised edge. If you have one installed, passing drivers and pedestrians will surely turn back to give a few admiring glances!

How We Work

EV Charger Installation


Installing an EV charging port will require some planning and preparation, but once we’ve got everything figured out, the process is quite straightforward and hassle-free. Without further ado, here’s our generalised process for installing EV charging points:

Think Smart

Why Get Your Charge Point Installed with

Smart Heating Solutions?

Investing in a home charging point for your EV with Smart Heating Solutions can give you 24/7 access to power whenever is convenient. Our high standards of installation make us a great first point of contact for electric vehicle owners across Essex and Suffolk.

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With our team available at all hours, get in touch with our team to book an EV charger installation at a date of your choosing. Our contact options include telephone, email or our dedicated contact form below.

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    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!

    When you have an EV charging installed in your home, the decision of whosoever gets to use it is entirely within your control. It’s your home, your property, your right. Since some EV charging point finder maps list home charging points alongside publicly accessible ones at garages and supermarkets, some naturally draw the conclusion that they’re obligated to give away access to their private EV charging points to any weary travellers that come by. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. You can set schedules for when the EV charger will be activated, which will make it impossible for any Tom, Dick or Harry to roll up outside your house and help themselves to an electric buffet.

    According to the most recent statistics gathered by Zap Map, there are over 30,000 individual electric vehicle charging points in the UK across over 22,000 locations. This is an impressive figure when you consider that “only” around 8,400 petrol stations are operating in the UK, though the 30,000 figure accumulates both private and public EV charge points.

    With so many EV charging points around, you can be forgiven for wondering… “where are they?” A glance at maps of EV charging points create the impression that the country is full to bursting with EV charging stations, but all research indicates that the vast majority of public and private charge points are concentrated in major urban centres, most notably around “the London bubble” in the south.

    Part of our objective is to improve EV accessibility in all areas of Suffolk and Essex, not just the big cities. Even if you’re the first person in your village to own an EV, we believe you should be able to charge your car in the comfort of your own home. Call us to book an installation today!

    Most electric vehicle engines are powered by lithium ion batteries, composed of several small battery packs all working in unison, which have high electrical capacities but still need regular charging and maintenance. An EV charging port is designed to transfer electricity to the vehicle engine through a cable, just like a fuel dispensing nozzle for a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. Functionally, it’s no different to leaving your phone, tablet, or any other electronic appliance on charge when it’s low on battery power.

    When hooked up to a lower-power type of charging point, an electric vehicle can take anywhere from a few hours to almost a full day to be completely fueled up, which will come as an unpleasant surprise for other road users who are used to spending no more than 10 minutes at a refuelling station. This is one of the reasons why charging an EV on a public terminal is less than desirable for many road users, since it means they have to leave their (often very expensive) vehicle in a charging port for long periods of time, potentially causing congestion as more parched motors inevitably file in for their turn on the charger.

    Often on motorways and dual carriageways, you can find high-performance chargers that can give enough power to an EV within only half an hour, but these are rarer to come by on other roadsides, even more so in people’s private properties. As such, home EV charging points can be much more appealing, as there is much less pressure and paranoia about leaving your car on charge for longer periods.

    Our hourly rates for renewable services, which includes EV charging point installation, plateau at £150 (plus VAT and travel time) during our normal working hours, with our 24/7 out-of-hour service costing closer to £300. However, due to the variable nature of our work, these prices can change significantly depending on individual factors relating to the job at hand, namely the type of EV charger you need, your location, and more. As said, we aim to keep you in the loop regarding any changes in pricing.