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For central heating system repair, installation, and maintenance, the team at Smart Heating Solutions have the expertise to help you. We offer a wide range of Baxi-approved central heating services throughout Suffolk and Essex at affordable, transparent prices.

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Qualified Central Heating Engineers

A high degree of skill and professionalism is required of all Vaillant-licensed heating engineers in our company. After all, installing and repairing central heating systems can be meticulous and occasionally hazardous work.

Whatever your requirements, our expert team can be reached without delay, whether via telephone, email or our requirement form. As you may need us to visit you sooner rather than later, we’ll quickly figure out the ideal timeframe and central heating service for you. We believe that timeliness and punctuality are just as important as our qualifications, and have the brilliant track record to prove it!


Central Heating Installation

If you’re the landlord of a newer build property, you need to get a central heating system installed before any tenants take up residence there. We can perform a full central heating system installation from scratch, ensuring the comfort and safety of the residents for as long as they live there!


Central Heating Repairs

For central heating systems that have seen better days, our heating engineers can be dispatched to make urgent repairs and return them to their former condition. They’ll go through the whole structure to repair any damage and provide protection against wear-and-tear.


Central Heating Replacement

If your central heating system seems to be beyond repair, a full replacement may be in order. Not to worry; our Vaillant-approved heating engineers can decommission your faulty old central heating system and install a replacement with the highest quality workmanship.

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Smart Heating Solutions have years of experience in dealing with central heating systems – but the benefits don’t end there. Discover why you should bring us on board with your central heating system repair, replacement, or installation:

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Arranging a repair of your central heating systems should be quick and painless, so that’s the approach we take with our ur easily accessible booking form submission, telephone number, and email address:

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    What our customers say

    Client Reviews

    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!

    In light of the cost of living crisis in the UK, the prospect of leaving central heating on for 24 hours is, suffice to say, not very cheap or efficient. Depending on the size of your property, irresponsible usage of your heating systems can cost in excess of hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and potentially cause damage to your heating systems due to sheer overuse. Instead of leaving your central heating on all day, we recommend setting it to come on at specific times of day when you need it most; this can be done through the controls on your main thermostat or smart reader unit.

    To increase the resilience of your central heating system, you need to find the ideal sweet spot between using it too much and not enough. As with many examples of complex machinery, heating systems need at least semi-regular usage to stay in good working condition, though prolonged overuse can be just as harmful as complete neglect. For maximum efficiency, we recommend a couple of key money-saving, life-extending techniques:

    • Keep a regulated temperature on your central thermostat at specific times of day. This reduces the amount of wasted fuel and keeps rooms across your house exactly as warm as they need to be, rather than boiling hot. 
    • Most radiators have thermostatic valves to regulate the temperature of the individual unit rather than the whole system. These can be really helpful in moderating the temperature in each room, as some may contain the heat better than others.

    Radiators should be regularly flushed in order to remove build-up of gas and fluid in the system, as these can severely impede their ability to heat up a room. Due to how deeply ingrained central heating systems are throughout your home, their cleaning-related maintenance isn’t expected to be carried out by normal residents. This is where professional heating engineers come in. They have the expertise to carefully examine the inner pipework and electrical wiring connected to your building’s central heating system, and perform cleaning work if necessary.

    We service central heating systems with a similar approach to how we service boilers – indeed, boiler inspections are often part-and-parcel with general central heating inspection jobs. Our engineer will perform an initial visual inspection and test your central heating system. This is necessary to ascertain a basic overview of what works and what doesn’t before the main work begins. Next, they’ll have a more thorough inspection of the gas pipework, making sure that the components aren’t damaged due to low external temperatures – freezing pipework is a very common issue with central heating systems. Other areas on the inspection itinerary include checking the electrical connectivity and water pressure.

    Sometimes, the central heating pump – which is likely to be located near your boiler, inside your airing cupboard or around the vented cylinders – may break down and be the true cause behind a fault. If this is the case and you’ve also been to locate the pump, please direct our heating engineers towards it and they can take a look, though they will be able to find it if you don’t know exactly where it is.