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Boiler servicing, inspections, and check-ups are all within the Smart Heating Solutions team’s expertise. Whether you have a combi, heat-only, or system boiler, we can help  ensure its functionality and safety year-round. We offer boiler servicing across Suffolk and Essex with a friendly, professional approach to helping our customers – after all, we are a family-run business.

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If your boiler is in need of a routine service inspection, make sure to call Smart Heating Solutions. Finding and fixing faults early can go a long way towards improving the efficiency of your heating system, as well as guaranteeing your safety when it comes to the integrity of pipework.


Improve Cost Efficiency

Not only is boiler servicing very affordable, but its ability to find flaws can lead to preemptive repairs. Addressing issues early can prevent more serious accidents from occurring and save you money in the long term, after all, a small repair is better than a replacement!


Catch Faults Early

Our engineers are trained in finding faults in heating systems. If we find anything worthy of concern, we’ll offer to make repairs and adjustments right away. Catching problems before they arise will keep your system running as it should, taking weight off your shoulders.


Enhance Safety

Perhaps above all, you want to know that your boiler is safe and risk-free when it’s being used to heat your home. If all is well, a professional boiler inspection should help to assuage any causes for concern.

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Boiler Servicing


Boiler servicing is an essential maintenance process that should be carried out regularly to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Here are the steps typically involved in a boiler servicing process:

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For trained professionals, boiler servicing is a quick, straightforward procedure! It’s recommended that you get your boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure that it’s running safely and efficiently. A regular boiler service can also help to identify any potential problems early, preventing them from developing into more serious and costly issues. With us, you’ll be sure to get a fast and thorough inspection at an affordable rate.

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Booking a boiler service has never been easier with our robust array of contact options, including email, telephone, and our dedicated callback form, the latter of which you can fill out with your details and requirements:

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    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!

    An average boiler service shouldn’t take long at all. Most can be completed within an hour or two – never as long as a full day. Some boilers can even be serviced within half an hour or less. So, while our servicing engineer checks out your boiler, you can get on with your day without having to worry about entertaining with endless cups of tea.

    If maintenance or repairs are found to be required as a result of the service, this subsequent process may naturally take longer to complete. Feel free to call us for more information about our dedicated boiler repair, installation, and replacement services if you believe they’re more appropriate for your needs.

    When a boiler needs servicing or maintenance in a more urgent timeframe, it’ll most likely display some telltale signs, including:

    • Clogged or scaled filters
    • General lack of responsiveness
    • Sluggishness when heating up
    • Wear and tear from prolonged usage
    • No maintenance in a long time 
    • Leakages
    • Strange noises coming from the main unit

    If any of these issues are visible or impeding your boiler’s functionality, call our team for a boiler service right away.

    A visual inspection of the exterior of the boiler is first on the itinerary. With years of experience in servicing boilers, our engineers should be able to accurately gauge the condition of your boiler at a mere glance.

    Next, we take a look behind the panelling with a thorough internal examination of the boiler. Leave it to our experienced professional inspectors to safely handle the removal of boiler casings because this can be hazardous if done incorrectly. They will precisely inspect the gas pressure, water pipework, electrical connectivity and overall safety of the system. If all is well with your boiler system, the engineer will leave the boiler in the same state they found it in upon arrival

    Unusual groans and croaks coming from your boiler can possibly spell trouble, though they may not always be a sign of a serious defect. In all likelihood, these noises will be caused by excessive build-up of gas pressure or other issues with the internal pipework connecting your boiler to your home’s central heating systems.

    A professional boiler servicer can quickly determine the source of the problem with some rigorous testing of the gas pressure, water pipework, electrical connectivity, and more to ensure safety and functionality.

    Unless you’re a professional boiler engineer approved by the Gas Safe Register, you cannot legally claim to have serviced a boiler, even if you technically have the skills or experience to do so. Only licensed and officiated engineers can be hired to approve or disapprove the condition of a boiler. At Smart Heating Solutions, we have many renowned accreditations, including the Gas Safe Register, Vaillant, Checkatrade, and many more, as seen above.