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With millions of people eager to switch to clean, renewable energy services, there’s never been a better time to get started. At Smart Heating Solutions, we take a friendly, family-driven approach to bringing the power of renewables to households and businesses, whether through solar panels and thermal water heaters or air source heat pumps.

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Many of us want to live more sustainably these days, whether due to concerns about the environment or simply a matter of saving energy and money in daily life. If you’ve been thinking about transforming your home and lifestyle, get in touch with us today!

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Truly qualified experts in renewable energy are hard to come by, let alone ones with experience in other forms of heating system installation, repair, and maintenance. Check out all the reasons you should switch to renewable energy with Smart Heating Solutions!

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    If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of our smart heating solutions, hopefully, the words of our many happy customers will convince you!


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    Any available material on Earth that we can use and isn’t finite counts as a renewable resource. Power derived from air, water, or solar radiation can be used indefinitely without many significant drawbacks.

    Fossil fuels such as oil, coals, and natural gases, which are drawn from millions of years’ worth of degraded deposits beneath the surface of the planet, are not renewable or sustainable because they will eventually run out, and their continued usage does verifiable harm to our ecosystem. Discovering new ways to use renewable resources is a top priority of many governments and humanitarian organisations.

    The Sun is constantly producing solar radiation. After using solar cell technology to harness it, the key to utilising this raw energy is being able to convert it into electricity.

    When a solar cell panel is placed in an open area, such as a rooftop, it can passively collect large amounts of solar radiation. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are not useless at nighttime or during cloudy weather, as solar radiation is constantly coming through. The primary root of lower solar retention is gradual degradation of the solar cells caused by poor maintenance.

    The actual usage of renewable energy sources will not have a significantly noticeable impact on the daily operations of your business, but they can help to improve its efficiency and reduce running costs. Furthermore, making a sustainable switch can increase your business’s credibility in terms of promoting social responsibility and ethical practices. In a world heavily governed by social media, earning trust points with the public is always a strategy worth investing in.

    Businesses offering renewable energy services are dedicated to providing clean, sustainably fueled heating apparatuses, for both the customer’s own benefit and the good of the environment. Companies like ours partly specialise in installing, servicing and repairing renewable energy systems like air source heat pumps, solar thermal water heaters and EV charging stations, with our firm in particular covering the breadth of Suffolk and Essex. In short, we’re all about helping to improve the wellbeing of our customers as well as the planet!

    In the majority of cases, yes – renewable energy = clean energy! Renewability of a resource means that it can be continually replenished, so there is no threat of draining it from the planet. As these resources are from clean, low-carbon sources, they produce far less emissions than oil and gas reliant energy systems.

    As the pushback against fossil fuels increases around the world due to pressing environmental concerns, alternative investment in clean, renewable energy is a major priority for individuals and governments. Joining this global movement can help to combat climate change!