01 August, 2023

Best Boiler Brands for Homes Explained

When the winter draws in and temperatures drop, there’s nothing like getting home after a long day and having a steamy bath or shower. It is one of those underrated privileges of modern life. There’s so little effort involved. The hot water is available at the flick of a switch or the twist of a tap.

Yet, this is only possible because your home has a fully functioning boiler. When it breaks down – and all boilers have a lifespan – you’ll need a new one if you want to keep enjoying your central heating, long baths, and hot water. For a high-quality boiler installation in Ipswich, you need the help of a reliable and experienced heating company.

This guide to some of the most common types of boiler installation in Ipswich will give you some ideas about where to start looking for yours.

Which Big Name Boiler Brand Is the Best Choice for Your Home?


The consumer watchdog ‘Which?’ is a big fan of Valliant boilers and has named them one of the best domestic products on the market. Vaillant are one of the biggest brands in the industry and its products come fully endorsed and highly recommended with some good warranties if installed by an approved Vaillant Advance compnay.

The ecoTec Plus 825 and the ecoTec Plus 832 have been singled out for praise because they operate at 90% efficiency or more, which means that they’re some of the most efficient boilers on the market. and offer great value for money, they’re also one of the quietest and stylish boilers available. Valliant produces everything from system, heat only, and combi boilers, as well as unvented cylinders, intelligent controls and more.


You can’t go wrong with Baxi if you need a long lasting boiler installation in Ipswich. The company has a remarkable 150 years of experience, so it knows its stuff when it comes to building great boilers. It provides combi, heat only and system boilers; all of which come with an A grade for efficiency and great warranty periods.

The new Ecoblue range is a good choice if you’re working with a small space and want a compact installation.


The Ideal brand is another popular one and perfect for anyone on a tight budget. This company places a lot of emphasis on innovation and it invests heavily in the development of new designs. So, if you decide to go with an Ideal, you’ll likely be receiving one of the most cutting edge boilers available.

The Logic+ is particularly impressive, as it has an intelligent control system that can balance demand with heat release. The buttons and display are nice and basic and reviews say that the system is easy to use.

Finding the right boiler brand for you

The best way to pick your new boiler is to discuss the decision with a reliable installer. Many installation companies are partnered with the top name brands and can, therefore, offer customers special discounts on certain products.

For instance, if you were to work with a Baxi-accredited installer, you are likely to pay less for a Baxi boiler. This is why it’s worth shopping around and asking questions before you come to any final decisions.

For more information and advice on shopping for a new boiler, click here to contact Smart Heating today.

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