Have You Had Your Boiler Serviced This Year? Now Is the Time 1

Have You Had Your Boiler Serviced This Year? Now Is the Time

In the UK, it doesn’t always make sense to talk about a big ‘central heating switch on,’ because the climate is so unpredictable. The country can very easily end up seeing snow in March and a late summer in November. It means that our heating habits can be just as inconsistent as we try and keep up with changes in the weather.

The last few years have seen unseasonably chilly spring months. Homeowners have been switching their radiators on earlier and working their central heating systems harder. It is why, if you have a boiler, you need to be taking good care of it. It requires regular servicing to run smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Keep reading to find out why servicing your boiler can mean the difference between a cosy home or an icy breakdown.

Summer Is the Time for Servicing

At Smart Heating we offer boiler servicing throughout Suffolk all year round. However, it is a much better idea to carry out routine servicing and maintenance during the summer or spring. The reasons for this are obvious. If you get your boiler checked while the weather is less turbulent, you substantially reduce the chance of a breakdown in winter, when it hurts the most.

The good news is that Smart Heating is easy to find. But there are other local providers, who can carry out emergency repairs and provide year round maintenance as well. Generally, a local operation is the best choice, because its experts will better understand the unique needs of properties in the area.

The Steps Involved in a Service

When servicing a boiler, the technician should be carrying out at least the following checks. They need to inspect and possibly clean the burner, heat exchanger, pilot, flue ways, ventilation and ignition components. They should also check the operation and integrity of the safety devices, controls, seals and flue. The gas pressures or heat rates, and products of combustion should also be checked to make sure they are correct.

It is the minimum that you can expect and a good technician will not leave without tending to all of them. Most also carry out a series of additional checks, but the exact nature will depend on your boiler model and whether there are any developing issues.

The Impact of a Boiler Service

The primary aim of a boiler service is to ensure that the appliance is running safely. Unless you are a qualified and experienced heating engineer, it is hard to know if your central heating is performing well. Often, the first sign of a problem only appears after the issue has developed.

In contrast, heating engineers can open up the appliance and inspect the interior. What they find tells them a lot about its age, condition, safety and efficiency. For example, dirty interior is not a big problem if the boiler gets cleaned. It is just one of the minor issues which servicing can identify and fix before it becomes a more serious fault. However finding a hole in the flue which will lead to re circulation of the products of combustion causing dangerously high levels of Carbon Monoxide could save you and your families life.

The benefits of regular servicing (annually) include increased safety and lower energy bills. Plus, does anything really beat the peace of mind of knowing that your boiler is safe?

To find out more about boiler servicing and what it can do for your home, visit Smart Heating Solutions today. Or, call 01473 487 387 to speak to us to arrange a boiler installation, service or repairs.